The Nardi Orazio Company is active in the stone sector since more than 50 years, operating in the excavation of the famous Yellow Royal Marble, the Verona Red Marble and the Frassinello Marble.

To-day, son'sStefano Nardi target is to extend the export activity.

Our Company works with the highest standards in order to ensure a completely autonomous cycle production to guarantee constant quality materials, maximum efficiency and punctual delivery.

At the present, we are one of the major players in the marbles in the marble sector in Italy.

Materials careful and meticolous selection allows to put on the market high-quality products. We are able to combine technical perfection with sublime aesthetic appeal.

The projects and the works fulfilled during the years by our Company in Italy both in residential than in public buildings, toghether with design and furnishing, are the result of our top quality products.



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